In 2003 the FTC enacted the Safeguards Rule, a privacy provision to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley ACT. The rule requires auto dealerships to have an effective security program in place to protect consumer information and to reduce the odds of identity theft.

safeguardgvo3 & Associates can help your dealership with the implementation of a comprehensive Safeguards program. The Safeguards Rule established 5 key elements to a satisfactory security program:

1. Designate a Compliance Officer
2. Conduct a Risk Assessment
3. Design and implement an Information Security Program
4. Provide initial and ongoing employee training
5. Conduct periodic audits of the Information Security Program

gvo3 & Associates will assist in these efforts by:

  • Conducting a comprehensive review of the dealerships current risks
  • Assisting with the development of a policy and procedure manual which outlines the specifics of the dealership’s Information Security Program
  • Training the Compliance Officer
  • Developing and implementing training for the staff
  • Conducting ongoing periodic audits of the program to ensure effectiveness