Expert Witness

Thousands of lawsuits are filed each year against automobile dealerships. gvo3 & Associates continues to assist dealerships across the United States by offering expert witness services to aid in their defense strategy against litigation inquiries and government probes.

gvo3 & Associates has a proven track record of providing expertise in the area of Bank Fraud, Straw Purchases, TILA Disclosures, Deceptive Practices and many more!

Gil Van Over has provided expert witness testimony in the following states on the topics listed.


Arkansas: RICO

California: Payment Packing, Best Rate, Negative Equity, Reg M Disclosures, Falsified Income, Bait & Switch and Brokered Deals

Florida: Payment Packing, Spot Delivery, Stuffing Etch, Bank Fraud, Rescission, FTC Used Car Rule

Hawaii: Product Disclosure

Illinois: Safeguarding Information and Identity Theftmap-with-stars

Indiana: Spot Delivery

Maryland: Best Rate, Regulatory Fees

Michigan: Spot Delivery

Nevada: Product Disclosure, Spot Delivery

North Carolina: Bank Fraud, Product Disclosure, Straw Purchase, False Down Payment, False Income, Power Booking

Texas: Product Disclosure