Gil Van Over

Gil Van Over is the President and Founder of gvo3 & Associates, specializing in developing and implementing compliance strategies within the F&I and Sales departments of automobile dealerships.

“. . . this guy Van Over, his expertise in the arena of legal compliance in the sales and F&I processes is unrivaled. In other words, this guy is the ultimate bad-ass when it comes to keeping a dealership operating within the ever-changing guidelines of the law.”
Jim Ziegler, Auto Industry Writer and Trainer 

Prior to forming gvo3 & Associates, Gil was the Chief Operating Officer for Premier Auto Finance, a management company that managed auto finance portfolios for auto dealerships. He has over twenty-five years experience working with automobile dealerships in the consumer and auto financing industry. Gil is a founding member of DealerTrack’s Compliance Advisory Council which lends its expertise in areas such as new laws and regulations, current dealership practices, activity by state and national associations, relevant new case law, and compliance-related products and services.

Gil was honored as a member of F&I Management and Technology Magazine’s “2004 Who’s Who in F&I”. His industry certifications include the Institute For Ethical Behavior. Gil holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Management from the University of Redlands. In addition to his consulting and expert witness duties, Gil speaks and writes about issues surrounding today’s F&I department.


Contact Information:  Phone  (312) 961-9065        

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