We monitor seven (7) key elements of the transaction:

  1. F&I Manager Integrity, Ethics and Compliance
    Determine if F&I Managers are operating within acceptable standards of integrity, ethics and compliance
  2. Menu Presentations
    Analyze the F&I menu presentation techniques compared to industry best practices and track the presentation of offering every
    product to every customer every time
  3. Proper Disclosures
    Monitor that the F&I Manager is making proper disclosures
  4. Conflicting Verbal Promises
    Listen for verbal promises contrary to written commitments
  5. Deceptive Trade Practices
    Check for potentially deceptive trade practices such as product bundling or stuffing, payment packing, predatory discrimination and
    other bank fraud
  6. Truth in Lending Disclosures
    Confirm compliance with certain Truth in Lending disclosure requirements
  7. Potential Dealer/Lender Relation Issues
    Detect potential issues that would harm the relationship between the dealer and the lender such as credit card down payments,
    power booking, and straw purchases


gvo3 & Associates has arrangements with a number of companies that offer the F&I video recording tools, software and technology to
get started.

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